The marble trend continues unabated, where once it had to be white Bianco marble with minimal markings the design world is now embracing it in all its forms. Designs celebrating it in all its natural hues from pink to black and green abound. This is my round up some of the latest and best designs using this timeless and beautiful material.

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of the Copenhagen based design company Gubi. I love their refined elegant designs that although totally contemporary have a distinct modernist edge. The TS Console previewed in January and designed by GramFratesi follows on from their super successful TS Occasional table range and  I am sure the new console range will be equally appealing. Available with a variety of marble tops from black to green.


Ginger and Jagger are a design outfit based in Porto, they have produced a range of exceptionally crafted marble furniture . I love the raw feel of this handcrafted megalithic sculptural Dolmen console from their new collection.


A collaboration between Dzek and Max Lamb led to the creation of Marmoreal an engineered architectural surface manufactured from quarry waste. The Bathroom and Every Day Furniture collections are a further exploration of this beautifully abstract material.


The Kapital Collection from London based duo Oeuffice is a limited edition series of small tables. The tables are based on the forms of classical columns and are made from a mix of marbles and stone.


From lighting to wine glasses Lee Broom is no stranger to marble. But it is the Acid Marble Coffee table that has caught my eye. By laying a sheet of acid yellow glass over layers of black and white marble, he has given this table a quirky and totally contemporary twist, which somewhat reminds me of the layers of a liquorice allsort !

Lee broom acid marble coffee table image.png